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Be part of our writing team! As a writer, you don’t have to be gay, Asian or male (althought it really helps!). You must have a keen interest and knowledge of the experiences of this community. You can write about gay culture from an Asian perspective, Asian culture from a gay perspective, Western culture from an Asian perspective, or any combination in between. The topics can range from your observations or editorials of your local news, events, fashion, food, television shows, movies, music, poetry, shopping, clubs, bars, etc., anything with a gay, Asian content or perspective. The best topics are those where you share something personal, even if it is your own observation.

We are looking for clear, honest, and insightful writers with a positive outlook; writers who can observe their world from their unique perspectives and can effectively share that perspective in writing. Your topics do not need to be positive but when a negative experience or story is being written, what lessons were learnt? How have you grown?

As a guest writer, you will have to opportunity to link to your own social medial links.

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